News consumers have lately been amused by creative efforts to avoid explaining why people are fleeing California. But there is at least one forthright Californian willing to explain why he’s considering a future outside the Golden State.

Brad Senkiw of Sports Illustrated writes about college football quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei, a former high school star at California’s St. John Bosco who will start for South Carolina’s Clemson University this fall. Mr. Senkiw reports on a Thursday press conference:

Uiagalelei didn’t grow up with a favorite NFL team. He was more of a college guy. But he’s already picked out his next destination.

“The team I want to go to is whatever team doesn’t have state taxes,” Uiagalelei said.

Smart man. He did say he’s always [liked] the Raiders, and Las Vegas meets his tax requirements and is three hours away from his hometown, so he’d like to end up there, Uiagalelei said.

Assuming the Clemson quarterback was referring to income taxes, other NFL teams that would seem to meet his requirements are located in Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Washington state. There’s every indication that he will soon be generating a lot of income.

Alexis Cubit reports for The State:

The sophomore Tiger handled the spotlight well during his first official preseason news conference as Clemson’s starting quarterback.

In fact, his presence here was somewhat out of the ordinary. Tigers football coach Dabo Swinney doesn’t normally bring underclassmen to ACC Kickoff, which is a testament to Uiagalelei.

“It’s the intangibles that make him special,” Swinney said.

Sounds about right. Known for his poise and exceptional work ethic, Mr. Uiagalelei says he does not believe it is possible to prepare too much for a game. When called upon last year, he certainly seemed prepared. Ms. Cubit notes:

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