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TikTok rival Likee reaches 150M monthly users worldwide – TechCrunch

As TikTok’s fate remains in flux, its smaller rival Likee has been making waves around the world, garnering 150 million monthly active users as of this June. That’s according to the earnings report of Chinese internet company Joyy, the owner of Likee. For...

An Alexa Bug Could Have Exposed Your Voice History to Hackers

Smart-assistant devices have had their share of privacy missteps, but they're generally considered safe enough for most people. New research into vulnerabilities in Amazon's Alexa platform, though, highlights the importance of thinking about the personal data...

One IT Guy’s Spreadsheet-Fueled Race to Restore Voting Rights

This idea of relying on people who know each other to get out the vote, Green says, is really a return to “old political organizing tactics.” One person contacts 10 others, who each contact 10 more. These are the kinds of tactics that have been used since...

Bracing for election day, Facebook rolls out voting resources to U.S. users – TechCrunch

Eager to avoid a repeat of its disastrous role as a super-spreader of misinformation during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook is getting its ducks in a row. Following an announcement earlier this summer, the company is now launching a voting information hub...

Dog food startup Sundays launches its air-dried kibble alternative – TechCrunch

Michael Waxman, co-founder and CEO of dog food startup Sundays, acknowledged that dog owners have no shortage of options when it comes to feeding their beloved pets — but he still thinks there’s room for something new. “There’s a sort of ‘Water everywhere, but...

Notable & Quotable: NASA's Celestial Microaggressions

Notable & Quotable: NASA's Celestial Microaggressions Source link

Stream, whose APIs help product teams build chat and activity feeds fast, just raised a $15 million Series A round – TechCrunch

Earlier this year, the founders of Stream,  a five-year-old, 60-person startup with offices in Boulder and Amsterdam, weren’t feeling so great about their prospects. As COVID-19 began its spread in the U.S., some smaller customers of the startup — whose APIs...

Law Alone Can’t Protect Free Speech

Cancel culture notwithstanding, legal commentator Ken White argues that “this is a golden age for free speech in America.” For decades, he notes, the Supreme Court has protected all manner of objectionable speech, from burning the American flag to homophobic...

Tune in tomorrow and watch five startups compete at Pitchers & Pitches – TechCrunch

Ever hear the expression, “every master was once a disaster?” Now apply that to developing a well-crafted pitch. It takes practice and honest feedback to make a masterful pitch, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you participate in our next Pitchers &...

Election 2020: The Year of Weird

Election 2020: The Year of Weird Source link
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