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What happens if a pandemic hits? – TechCrunch

What happens if a Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic hits? It’s time to at least start asking that question. What will the repercussions be, if the virus spreads worldwide? How will it change how we live, work, socialize, and travel? Don’t get all disaster-movie...

Hoosier Health Lesson – WSJ

ObamaCare turns 10 next month, and one piece of its legacy was a nationwide surrender on controlling health-care costs. The law has accelerated consolidation among insurers and providers, who have in turn concealed prices and increased costs. Indiana is trying...

The Lorax on the Appalachian Trail

To environmentalists, this must look like the perfect legal loophole. Congress gave federal agencies the power to authorize pipelines under the lands they control. But that law excludes “lands in the National Park System.” Who administers the Appalachian Trail?...

Want Fewer Homes? Try This

Want Fewer Homes? Try This Source link

Rallyhood exposed a decade of users’ private data – TechCrunch

Rallyhood says it’s “private and secure.” But for some time, it wasn’t. The social network designed to help groups communicate and coordinate left one of its cloud storage buckets containing user data open and exposed. The bucket, hosted on Amazon Web Services...

An Unprecedented Neutron Star Collision

Before 2017, when LIGO captured its first neutron-star merger, everything we knew about neutron stars came from observations of relatively nearby specimens in our own Milky Way galaxy. (Of the 2,500 or so known neutron stars, 18 coexist in orbiting pairs known...

Investors and startups are seeking ways to entertain and protect kids online – TechCrunch

As streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+ plus vie for subscription dollars and YouTube, Xumo, Kanopy, Tubi TV, Vudu and Pluto TV try to take more ad revenue from traditional television, entertainment for kids — and the tech tools that manage...

Notable & Quotable: Bloomberg's Influencers

Notable & Quotable: Bloomberg's Influencers Source link

How do we connect a child to technology? – TechCrunch

The informal TechCrunch book club continues with Ted Chiang’s Dacey's Patent Automatic Nanny We are now onto the fifth short story of nine in Ted Chiang’s collection Exhalations. This one is a very short one at only a couple of pages, but despite its brief...

Modi Bashes Nehru, but Rejects Only His Good Ideas

Mumbai President Trump is visiting India on Monday and Tuesday, and his agenda includes meeting the country’s top business leaders. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will probably use this visit to try to show that he cares about the economy, which, thanks in no...
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