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Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Our New Favorite Fitness Tracker

In the years since Fitbit first released the Fitbit Tracker—a tiny, clothespin-like pedometer that debuted in 2008—the company has tried a lot of tactics to stay at the forefront of the field that it helped create. It added music, integration with trackers like...

Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini Review: Time to Upgrade

This is partly because the carriers want to spur adoption of 5G, which all of these new iPhones support. (My loaner phones did sometimes connect to 5G networks here in San Francisco; I didn’t notice a major difference in speeds at those times.)One component...

Amazon Just Introduced Three New Kindle Paperwhites

As it stands, Amazon's Kindle is a near-perfect device—a palm-sized tablet that can bring your full library on a weekend trip and has a month-long battery life. Maybe that's why it's taken Amazon so long to improve on it. For the first time since 2018, Amazon...

In a Tiny Arctic Town, Food Is Getting Harder to Come By

It’s easy to think that sea ice would impact only the ocean, but there are many energy exchanges between the terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Seabirds, for example, nest on an island, forage in the water, and then come back on the land, where their guano...

These Deepfake Voices Can Help Trans Gamers

Fred, a trans man, clicked his mouse, and his tenorful tones suddenly sank deeper. He’d switched on voice-changing algorithms that provided what sounded like an instant vocal cord transplant. “This one is ‘Seth,’” he said, of a persona he was testing on a Zoom...

Why Does Asthma Get Worse at Night?

In 1698, British doctor John Floyer wrote a treatise on asthma, the first major work focused on the disease. Not all of it aged well. He warned that those who were sad or angry were more likely to experience attacks, as sadness would stop the “Motion of...

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