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Biden’s Personal Touch Doesn’t Amount to a Foreign Policy

President Biden in Geneva, June 16. Photo: Mikhail Metzel/Zuma Press President Biden revealed a key weakness in his foreign policy during his summit with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. “I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill,” Mr. Biden...

Bring Back the Tourists – WSJ

The European Union agreed this week to begin removing restrictions on American tourists after banning them for more than a year. There’s no reason the U.S. shouldn’t reciprocate. On Wednesday EU countries informally agreed to add the U.S. to their safe travel...

Arresting Hong Kong’s Press – WSJ

Hong Kong’s political and economic assault on the rule of law continues, and this week it spread to the city’s pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily. The arrests, search warrants and asset freezes are a warning to anyone doing business in the once-free city that...

The ObamaCare Massacre That Wasn’t

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Photo: Erin Schaff/Zuma Press ‘The American people should make no mistake—a vote by any Senator for Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act and eliminate protections for millions of Americans with...

One Cheer for the Supreme Court on Religious Liberty

The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 on Thursday that Philadelphia can’t tell a Catholic foster-care agency to violate its faith as a condition of its city contract—a victory for religious liberty. Yet as Justice Samuel Alito writes in a 77-page cri de coeur...

Bill Maher Diagnoses Liberal ‘Progressophobia’

Here’s a statement that deserves amplification. Last week Bill Maher of HBO’s “Real Time” did a commentary on something he believes deeply destructive. Maher, who has described his politics as liberal, libertarian, progressive and practical, is a longtime and...

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