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How the world ran out of semiconductors

There’s a global shortage in semiconductors, and it’s becoming increasingly serious. The US is currently reviewing of its supply of the technology, following a landmark executive order from President Joe Biden. The president also pledged US$37 billion (£26...

Gig Companies Fear a Worker Shortage, Despite a Recession

“One of the biggest challenges in ridesharing is creating marketplace balance, making sure you have enough drivers for every rider,” Lyft’s Green said last month. “And the two respond on very different timelines.”“I’m not surprised that people aren't returning...

Nurvv Run Review: Smart Insoles That Improve Form

When I was passing the baton at the Jackson Middle School track in Portland, Oregon, I didn't give much thought to running terms or proper form. But running becomes complicated once you start racking up the miles. As I've started putting on the years (and the...

The Magical Mystery of WandaVision’s Kathryn Hahn

The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter.Commenting on the “Hahnassaince” is something I’ve pondered for a long time. Problem is, every time I started, it just came out...

My beauty score is 73.5. What’s yours?

A comparison of two photos of Beyonce Knowles from Lauren Rhue's research using Face++. Its AI predicted the image on the left would rate at 74.776% for men and 77.914% for women. The image on the right, meanwhile, scored 87.468% for men and 91.14% for women in...

Augmented Reality Isn’t Quite There Yet

While augmented reality has long been billed as the "next big thing" it hasn't quite arrived. Some pretty basic logistical problems get in the way. The headsets are too clunky, there aren't many decent apps, and the setup process can be a mess. But companies...

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