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The Trouble in Mexico – WSJ

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador meets President Trump at the White House Wednesday to celebrate immigration controls and the new North American trade agreement. But this should also be a moment to discuss deeper economic ties because trouble is...

Magic Leap gets a new CEO – TechCrunch

There’s new leadership at troubled startup Magic Leap, Uber launches grocery delivery and Palantir files to go public. Here’s your Daily Crunch for July 7, 2020. The big story: Magic Leap has a new CEO Can Peggy Johnson, the former vice president of business...

Will the USD Hold Up as the Global Reserve Currency?

The USD is a global reserve currency. Therefore, while many currencies weaken during times of crisis, the US Dollar not only stays put but grows stronger. This has been happening over and over, so it’s expected that in the coronavirus recession, USD should...

The Past Few Months Sent Me in a New Direction

Editor’s note: In this Future View, students discuss how the events of the past few months have changed their plans for the future. Next week we’ll ask, “What is ‘cancel culture?’ What lessons should the rest of the country learn from the experience of it on...

Is Harvard Really Too Dangerous for Classes?

Today’s headline is not referring to your child’s risk of being subjected to unrelenting propaganda. It’s simply intended to question the judgment of colleges like Harvard that have decided to keep most of their students off campus and outside of classrooms...

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