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The Supreme Court’s Chance to Rein In the Regulatory State

The Supreme Court heard oral argument last week in a technical case that could have major implications for American government. American Hospital Association v. Becerra involves Medicare drug reimbursement schedules to hospitals. It presents the Court with an...

The Fight for Ukraine From Putin’s View

An independent Ukraine is for Vladimir Putin what the Treaty of Versailles was for Hitler —a historical injustice imposed on a defeated nation at its moment of greatest weakness, to be reversed as soon as circumstances allow.This is what I have gleaned from a...

Now You Can Blast a Great Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 and IRL

Destiny's most iconic weapon, the rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, is making a comeback. "Gjally," as it is affectionately called, dominated the original Destiny after its introduction in 2014, but has so far been missing from Destiny 2. Until now.Bungie, Destiny's...

Review: Sportsmate 5 Fitness Exoskeleton

In winter, my nose gets very cold, very quickly. Whether I’m at home or out on the streets, my nose—unlike any other part of my body—turns icy, spoiling whatever activity I am engaged in. A few weeks ago, after years of suffering, I bought a nose-warmer. Yes,...

Some Cancer Studies Fail to Replicate. That Might Be OK

The outcomes here are much less clear. The extensive supplementary materials the replication team handed out helpfully distinguish between “reproducibility” (do the results of an experiment turn out the same if you do it again with the same data and approach?)...

Need to Test a Space Suit? Head to Iceland

How do you prepare for a mission to the moon or Mars? You can’t take a quick jaunt to get the lay of the land, so you need to find the next best thing. And there isn’t much better than our very own slice of an alien world right here on Earth: Iceland.Famously...

E-Scooters Are Everywhere in Europe. So Are Grisly Accidents

The summer of 2020 was something of a heyday—and a Wild West—for e-scooters in Scandinavia. Rental companies had been swarming to the region’s cities—Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen among them—believing they would be easy e-scooter converts thanks to heavily...

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