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Floating Exchange Rates Add to Economic Uncertainty

Nobel economics laureate Robert Mundell wrote in 1998 that the dollar-euro exchange rate would go on to become “the most important price in the world.” Mundell, who was known as the father of the euro, was exactly right. Since the euro was introduced in the...

Covid Vaccine Mandates Heighten School Inequity

By Eliza Holland and Nikki JohnsonAug. 8, 2022 6:00 pm ETMost Covid restrictions in the U.S. have long since ended, but the school districts in New Orleans and the District of Columbia are mandating Covid vaccines for children to attend school in person this...

What the Eurozone Does for Italy

The European Central Bank promised it would prevent Rome’s borrowing costs from spiraling out of control, and it looks like the bankers meant it. Data released last week highlight the subsidy the ECB already is offering for Italian borrowing, while pointing to...

Florida vs. California on Free Speech

Political debate is at the core of the First Amendment, but too often politicians seek to regulate it for election campaigns. At the federal level, the Justices have been active in striking down overweening regulations on political expression. For the latest,...

Tilting at Climate Windmills – WSJ

Nearly all of Washington—Democrats, the press, lobbyists—is taking a victory lap with Senate passage of the Schumer-Manchin tax, climate and drug price control bill. The climate lobby is especially thrilled, claiming a historic victory that will reduce...

The Chamber of Commerce’s House of Horrors

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce may be the nation’s premier business lobby, but it could use some counseling on its political investments. The lobby’s bet in 2020 that supporting “centrist” House Democrats would protect against anti-business policies has been a...

Fighting in the Gaza Strip Is a Sign of Israeli Failure

Tel AvivAnother round of fighting in Gaza has ended with a brokered cease-fire after a limited yet deadly exchange of fire between a terror organization and the Israel Defense Forces. The fighting lasted three days, more than 1,000 rockets were fired at...

A Glimpse of a Future Without White People

Whiteness is a seduction. Whiteness is also an illusion. These are the twin motifs on which Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid props up The Last White Man, his new novel about race metamorphosis and human morality. Anchored in the bare and elegiac prose Hamid has...

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