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Apple to fix iPhone XS selfie smoothing with iOS 12.1

Spot the difference: iPhone X on left, XS on right. Lexy Savvides/CNET If you're among those distressed by the new Apple iPhone XS' propensity for plastic-skinning your high-contrast selfies, you can relax now: The fix for beauty-gate is in. Or will be in, once...

Brew a Perfect Pot of Coffee With Bodum Mocca’s Beam Heater

Making coffee is a science, so brew it in something that looks like it’s on loan from a chem lab. Siphons—also called vacuum pots—traditionally use butane heat sources. Bodum’s Mocca instead uses the red-hot glow of a 430-watt halogen Beam Heater to bring the...

How to Use Netflix’s Parental Controls

Parental controls were not a big thing in my household growing up. Both of my parents had acted in iconic horror films—Jaws and The Last House on the Left—and as such, didn't have much of an argument when I wanted to watch R-rated content. Now, as the parent of...

How to Check the $1.6B Mega Millions Results in Real Time

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has reached an absurd $1.6 billion, which translates to about 1.4 percent of a Bezos. The odds of winning are a comically low 1 in 302,575,350. Still, you almost certainly won. To make sure, here's how to follow along with...

New Puffy Coats Are Being Designed to Fall Apart Faster

Outdoorsy types are well-versed in the differences between down feathers and synthetic fibers, the two most common fillings for puffy gear like jackets, gloves, and sleeping bags: Down compresses, but stops insulating when it gets wet. Synthetics keep you warm...

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